The Southern Labrador/Strait of Belle Isle Community Youth Network is committed to become youth-driven and youth-friendly by providing support for youth, ages 12 -18. It offers programs and services that focus on the needs of youth and assists with the development of healthy families and communities. The CYN is committed to providing opportunities to youth that will help them become motivated, experience life choices and further their education and career goals.

Our Hub office is located in L'anse au Loup with satellite sites in Flower's Cove (Regional Community Youth Centre); L'anse au Loup (Paula's Place); West St. Modest (The Zone) and Port Hope Simpson (The GAP Centre).

Our vision is for Southern Labrador/Strait of Belle Isle Community Youth Network is to provide prevention and early intervention programs and activities that will enhance leadership, entrepreneurial, and organizational skills of youth in a safe, non-violent, alcohol/drug/smoke free environments.
Background of the Community Youth Network
The Community Youth Network (CYN) was established in 1999 as one of the initiatives under the National Child Benefit (NCB) Provincial Reinvestment Plan. Its mandate is to develop an array of services for youth living in or at risk of living in poverty. CYN services are intended to enhance opportunities for youth to participate in social and economic development by focussing on the five lines of: business; education/learning; employment/career exploration; capacity-building/community-building; and support services & recreation. CYN is suported though the Office of Public Engagement, Newfoundland and Labrador.

CYN centres are designed to serve youth in the 12-18 year age range, with some flexibility depending on local circumstances. The target population is identified in the CYN mandate as youth living in, or at risk of living in, poverty. The rationale given for an open approach is to avoid the stigma associated with targeting at-risk youth only. The mandate of Southern Labrador/Strait of Belle Isle Community Youth Network is to provide services in the following regions; Employment , Education, Community Capacity Building, Support and Recreation.
A Positive Place for Youth

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