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Building memories along the way: That is what David was all about. When he was just 18, he was taken away with many fond memories left for his parents, grand parents, large circle of family and friends to laugh and cry over. David was a very active volunteer in his home community of Port Hope Simpson and also with regional and provincial boards. David was the type of guy who would challenge his peers to try something new - and to never say "I canít". It is here they would learn self confidence and courage. Courage to think for themselves. To make their own decisions. And not to follow the crowd. On March 28th, 2009 many of Davidís family and friends attended the 1st Annual DJB Snowball at DC Young School in Port Hope Simpson. The DJB Snowball was organized by the staff at the GAP Youth Center along with a great team of local volunteers to honour Davidís memory for his contribution to Community Youth Network and their local youth center, GAP. The gala evening was filled with laughter and tears in memory of a young man who carried a smile that you would never forget and loved by all.
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Photos of the centre.
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We have had our share of loss and it is with pain and sorrow we dedicate this page to the memory of our youth who may have left us here on earth but still live on in our thoughts.
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